Abstract Topics

Abstract Topics

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The submission deadline is 17 September 2024.

List of accepted Abstract Topics:

  • Real-World Experience, Novel Clinical Approaches, and Combination Therapies: Potential synergy between engineered lymphocytes & other treatment modalities will be demonstrated.
  • Superpowered Lymphocytes: Learn more about the engineering of lymphocytes for the co-expression of varied immune effectors in addition to the transgenic receptor.
  • Non-Viral CAR/TCR Gene Targeting: Recent advancements in promoting integration into lymphocyte genomes by means of nucleases or transposons.
  • CAR/TCR mRNA Therapies: Exploring the therapeutic effects of transient CAR/TCR expression using mRNA delivery.
  • Universal Donor Cells & Advanced TCR Engineering: A deeper look at allogeneic therapies, including those applying genome editing technologies.
  • Updated Clinical Data: First, look at post marketing real world data on the approved T cell therapies.
  • Beyond Alpha-Beta T Cells: Discuss the engineering of alternative leukocytes, including Gamma-Delta T cells, iNKT cells, NK cells, B cells, and macrophages.
  • Targeting Non-Malignant Diseases: Targeting non-malignant diseases, including infectious diseases, auto-immune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, genetic disorders, and more.
  • In Vivo and Bedside T Cell Engineering: Advancement in the scalable engineering of lymphocytes in vivo, reducing costs, timelines, and preconditioning requirements.

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