Welcome to ICLE 2023

Advancing Lymphocyte Engineering: A Collective Journey

Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Friends,

We extend a heartfelt invitation to you for the 5th International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering (ICLE), a pivotal event that will unfold from 20th to 22nd February 2025 in the vibrant city of Munich, Germany.

In recent years, the landscape of lymphocyte engineering has undergone remarkable transformations in the battle against cancer, autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, and primary immune deficiencies. The integration of gene therapy, cell therapy, and immune therapy has propelled this dynamic field, embracing state-of-the-art technologies such as advanced vectorology, genome editing, in-vivo engineering, and precision protein design. Noteworthy clinical breakthroughs, the approval of innovative therapies by regulatory bodies, and a surge in research activities underscore the pivotal role of lymphocyte engineering in shaping the forefront of medical progress.

As we embark on ICLE 2025, get ready for an exhilarating experience with three extraordinary speakers leading the charge. We are thrilled to announce the keynote speaker Dr. Drew Weissman, Nobel Laureate for Medicine and Physiology, 2023, for the co-invention of the modified mRNA technology.  Joining him are the visionaries Dr. Carl June and Dr. Michel Sadelain, the pioneers of CAR T clinical translation.

Acknowledging the formidable challenges ahead, ICLE 2025 is strategically crafted to facilitate the dynamic exchange of knowledge, ideas, and data, foster collaborations, and collectively address shared challenges. We aim to propel the translation of groundbreaking discoveries into clinical applications, marking a crucial stride forward in the evolution of lymphocyte engineering.

ICLE stands as the pinnacle of scientific convergence, where the global scientific community gathers for three transformative days of active learning, discussions of real-world case studies, and networking opportunities with like-minded peers. It’s not just an event on the calendar; it’s a cause and a mission. A cause dedicated to building the future of medicine collectively, drawing inspiration and knowledge from each other through collaboration and partnership.

You, esteemed participants, are the drivers of the future and the agents of change. We express our deepest gratitude to you for being an integral part of our ICLE global community and our common cause. We eagerly anticipate your presence on February 22, 2025, as together we continue shaping the future of medicine through the transformative power of lymphocyte engineering.

See you at ICLE 2025!

On behalf of the Scientific Committee,

Adi Barzel, PhD
ICLE Conference Co-Chair;
President, the Israeli Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ISGCT);
Senior Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 

Dirk Busch, MD
ICLE Conference Co-Chair;
Director at the Institute for Med. Microbiology,
Immunology and Hygiene Technical University of Munich, Germany